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Our Staff

East African Voyage is run by its five directors, who are closely involved with all aspects of the operation. They are supported by an excellent team both in the office and in the field, all of whom are dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible.

Our trip leaders, guides, and porters all receive regular training in order to continually improve their knowledge and skills. East African Voyage is an industry leader in safety, and all of our trip leaders on Kilimanjaro are Wilderness First Responder-certified, and all our guides are first aid-trained, with frequent refresher courses. Our porters are treated ethically, and the well-being of all is our primary concern.


Meet our directors:

Onesmo Gabriel

Onesmo is the founding director of East African Voyage. He has summitted Kilimanjaro more than 100 times, and guided safaris for almost a decade. Onesmo is also one of the most qualified wilderness and EMT experts you will find leading tours anywhere. Onesmo holds Wilderness First Responder Certification and Advanced Adventure Travel Guide training from the National Outdoor Leadership Schools (NOLS). He also holds certificates from Wilderness Medicine Society, Mt. Kilimanjaro Land Use and Environmental Management and has taken courses offered by the French Embassy and the Red Cross. He attended the business entrepreneur program at Madison University in the USA, a program that immensely helped him set up East African Voyage.

Onesmo has guided ABC and BBC film crews producing documentaries about climbing Kilimanjaro and wilderness safaris in Tanzania's northern game reserves. His film contacts have brought him to the United States and Canada, and he maintains an extended network of close friends from around the world. He has visited over 30 states and given lectures on African culture and outdoor adventures at American universities.

Onesmo grew up in two worlds; that of the Maasai and that of a modern man. He feels like an ambassador of both worlds. He believes that travelling makes the world a better place.

Alex Lemunge

Alex is one of the founding directors of East African Voyage. Born in Kilimanjaro region, he has led over 150 successful Kilimanjaro ascents since 1994. An avid naturalist fluent in English, Kiswahili, Chagga and Maasai, he loves sharing stories.

He is an excellent climbing trip leader with the deep love for Kilimanjaro. In 1997 Alex traveled to the USA to become a certified Wilderness First Responder and CPR Emergency Cardiac Care Provider. During his stay in the US he attended leadership training with NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) in Wyoming.

Alex’s experience in High Altitude Physiology and rock climbing is unmatched. He attended an interpretation course conducted by Richard Estes, a well known researcher, conservationist and writer who has been doing field work in Africa since 1963. Alex also holds a certificate in Wilderness from College of Wildlife Management at Mweka, Tanzania. He has lectured at various government institutions on travel safety. He has travelled to Russia, South Africa and Europe to attend international travel fairs.

Sekeyan Godson

Sekeyan, a Maasai, works close to nature. In his early life he, like all Maasai boys, herded the cattle in the wilderness. He now has over eighteen years of experience working in the outdoors as a specialist for Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru climbing, as well as walking safaris, game viewing safaris and cultural tourism in Kenya and Tanzania, with particular interest in Maasailand.

He holds a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) certificate and was awarded with a diploma in first aid (Wilderness First Responder), CPR, and Wilderness Crisis Management and Rescue. In addition, he holds a certificate in Wildlife Management and Tourism Services from the Mweka Collage of Wildlife Management. He attended business entrepreneurship course at the University of Madison, Wisconsin in the United Sates of America.

Sekeyan has climbed Kilimanjaro over a 100 times and has worked on many documentary films for the BBC, the Discovery Channel, and NBC. Sekeyan also participated on the UNICEF project named UNIWIKI for children sharing education.

Julie Veillette

Julie grew up in Canada. She is a human rights lawyer by training who came to Tanzania  to work for the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).

Julie loves travelling and sharing culture experiences. She has lived and studied in Holland, Ireland, Tunisia, France and the USA. At early age, she was a fan of water; she is now a qualified Beach Lifeguard and worked as a swimming instructor in Québec. She also trained in diving and particularly enjoys diving in the Indian Ocean where the marine life is colourful, intense and lively.

 Coming from Québec, Julie developed a taste for excellent wine and fine food. She works closely with the cooks to develop the fresh taste of Africa while enjoying the wild nature for East African Voyage safaris and climbs.

She is married to Onesmo Gabriel, one of the founding directors of the company. They have a beautiful young daughter call Siyana.

Nadine Veillette

Nadine Veillette was born in Canada, where she studied to become a geophysicist. Since then, she has been working in some of the most difficult physical environments in the world, from the Canadian Arctic to the Sahara Desert. She has also worked on mining exploration projects, collecting rocks through the thick equatorial forests of Central Africa. She seems to have the permanent urge to discover new places; it is very difficult to keep her for more then one month in the same country!

 Passionate for the outdoors and adventure trips, she has visited more then 20 different countries and is our Africa specialist since she has spent time in Tunisia, Morocco, Gabon, Congo, Botswana, South Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia.

Even though she is living out of her suitcase, she has a special bond with Tanzania, to which she always comes back. With a natural attraction to areas of rich geological history, she always has the heaviest backpack, as she cannot help but collecting rocks on the way! Her rock collection is about four times her own weight, but for her the geological structure is the purest expression of nature and a story teller of the events that sculpted the landscape of Tanzania.