Exploring Tourism in Tanzania
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Knowledgeable Guides!

Onesmo was our knowledgeable guide, fearless leader and amicable com-padre for our Kili climb in August. He showed us an incredible adventure and went the extra mile every time (even when my luggage arrived late - he put together a duffel bag full of gear in case my bag didn't show up). Onesmo has been on the mountain for a long time and knows about the wildlife, the geology, the history, the weather and the safety of being on the mountain. He also has a great relationship with the porters and cooks and I must say that our porters were excellent - top notch. Many spoke english and they all spoke Swahili. They also went the extra mile: we received tea in our tent each morning, they always had an amazing dinner prepared, and they seemed to get us the best camp sites at each of the campgrounds on the way up. I could go on and on and on about how amazing our trip was, but the only real way to get a true account of the experience is to do it yourself. Onesmo arranged everything from our pickup at Dar airport, hotel in Dar, our flight from Dar to Kilimanjaro airport, pick up from Kili airport, hotel before and after climb, food etc. etc. etc. Not only that, but he had a contact who we chose as our guide for our Safari. His name was Xiau (spelling?) and he was incredibly knowledgeable. He has worked on many documentaries and knows the Ngorogoro crater and the Serengeti very well. He is also very environmentally conscious which was important to us. Chris Canada

I Had To Come Back Again!!!

Onesmo did such a superb job of leading my first Kili climb that I returned a few years later with a different batch of friends and climbed with him again. The climbs were organized through email and both ran like clockwork with no problems or surprises. Well, I guess that is not completely true as there was one surprise: one climber happened to be celebrating his birthday on Summit day and Onesmo secretly arranged for our porters to sing a round of 'Happy Birthday' as we neared the peak. Perfect. Onesmo is not only a responsible leader, but he is also lots of fun. You are in for a treat if you travel with him. Lisa Coll Chicago, IL USA

Memorable Experience

Thank you so very much for your able guidance to a truly memorable experience. I often find myself thinking about the hike, the land, and the "sights and sounds" of Tanzania. I catch myself laughing about our after dinner conversations regarding "color, pressure, and volume". I keep thinking about the warm greetings of the Camp Crew and the Porters. As you might have been aware, I did visit a school during the last day of my trip. I have attached few pictures from my visit - it was a great fun. I wish you the very best and I certainly hope to return to that "Big Open" sky in the near future. Subrata Guha Southborough, USA

I Climbed Kilimanjaro With The Best Company

I have recently climbed Kilimanjaro and I had such a wonderful experience that I must tell everybody to choose this company. A friend of mine had reccommand Sekeyan Godson who has his own company called East African Voyage. It was so difficult to make a decision as to which company to choose since the prices are so different. Once on the mountain I truly understand why the prices vary so much. We had a very luxury trip with experience and trustworthy guides. I have never felt more safe and more pampered on a trip. The porters, guides, cook were taking care of everything, it was like a 5 stars hotels. I was so happy I had chosen this company, they are absolutely the best. I don't think I would have been able to make it to the summit without the help of my guide Sekeyan. I would absolutely reccommend this company to everybody, I have done many trips in my life and this one has been really the best one of my life. I felt like being part of a big family during all the climb. -globetrotterkerri, Colorado Springs

Memorable Safari!!!

I know we will never forget the times we had together and the fantastic camaraderie which bonded us to each other and supported us whenever we were not at our best. We would both love to come back to Tanzania one day,and if we do you'll be the first person we call! Take Care Neil & Sally England

The Best Mountain Guides

When choosing a company to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, the trip leaders and guides are one of the most important aspects to research. They provide you with valuable information from identifying plant and animal life to survival techniques on the climb. Sekeyan Godson is the best. The individual attention to detail and safety was professional and reassuring. Having never done a climb to this magnitude, I had a few moments of concern and Sekeyan was able to help with my technique and able me to summit! He went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a climb to remember. I would go with no one else, period. I also went on the safari with Sekeyan after the climb, which I would highly recommend. Visiting the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater is a special reward and education! The vast amount of animals is truly amazing. Lions, Elephants, zebras and millions of other animals spotted the plains. Sekeyan provide information about wildlife and the people of the land that was priceless. With his Masai heritage, we also visited tribal villages and met the Masai people on a unfiltered basis. See how they live off the land and understand their culture. We learned about their lifestyle and beliefs, it was an added adventure that no one else could experience because of Sekeyan relationships with the chief and village. Spectacular! I have a new friend and an adventure of a lifetime! Geoff Dulaney