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Country: Tanzania
City: Selous
Duration: 5 Day(s) - 4 Night(s)
Tour Category: Birding Safaris

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For bird watching, Tanzania is unsurpassed in sub-Saharan Africa, with one of the highest bird diversities on the continent – over one thousand species. Even the casual visitor can't fail to notice and appreciate the sheer abundance of bird-life.

Every location in Tanzania is good for birding, but there are some areas which stand above the rest. The Eastern Arc forests are rated as Tanzania's most important habitat for birds. These forest 'islands' are all that remain of the once great forest that used to cover all of Africa. They were separated by changing climate and land use. Owing to the long period of isolation, they show divergent evolution and a high degree of endemism (17 species). Within the Eastern Arc range, we provide safaris to the East and West Usambaras (including Amani Nature Reserve and Mbangula Forest Reserve), Ungurus, Ulugurus, Rubehos, and the Udzungwa Mountains.

On the Northern Circuit, the soda lakes offer one of the greatest birding spectacles in East Africa. Lake Natron is the most important breeding location of the lesser flamingo. Greater Flamingos and Pelicans are just two of the impressive 400+ list of birds that can be seen at Lake Manyara.

In the south, the Selous Game Reserve has excellent birding. On a walking safari or boat safari on the Rufiji River you will be astounded by the sheer variety, from fish eagles to African skimmers, swarms of weavers to the small and beautiful sunbirds.

In the Kilombero Valley you can go on outstanding canoe safaris along the river where you can see the endemic Kilombero Weaver and Shoebills. This allows you to get very close to the birds - a huge plus for photography.

For sea birds, Tanzania's coastline offers a magnificent choice of stunning locations. We especially recommend Sadaani National Park. Here the African bush meets the stunning white sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean. Boat safaris on the Wami River are excellent for birding, while a walking safari that takes you out onto the beaches will bring you close to the sea birds.

We provide safaris for experienced enthusiast and amateurs alike. Our guides are expert birders and we provide field guidebooks and checklists on request. There are also some well-known professional ornithologists in Tanzania, who can be requested to join you as a guide on your safari.

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