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Olduvai Gorge

Ngorongoro, Tanzania

The Oldupai Gorge is a steep-sided ravine in the Great Rift Valley that stretches through eastern Africa. The gorge is an important prehistoric site, sometimes called "the Cradle of Mankind." Oldupai Gorge (originally misnamed Olduvai) is the most famous archaeological location in East Africa, and has become an essential visit for travelers to Ngorongoro or Serengeti.

The museum at the Oldupai provides an excellent photographic history of research carried out in the gorge with a summary of the main archaeological findings. The importance of the area relates as much to its location as the way the strata of ash and other deposits have been layered then conveniently exposed during the formation of the gorge itself. A nominal fee is charged to visit the museum and it is possible to hire a guide for another nominal fee to take you into a Gorge for a walking tour.

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